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About Apptus

Apptus Solutions are a mobile application, web and software development company based in Dubai, UAE and London, UK. We are a team of dedicated professionals that have a deep heritage in developing bespoke mobile applications as well as superior web development and web-based software solutions for our clients. By working closely with our clients we are able to transform ideas to reality by delicately engineering robust technological solutions across a wide range of platforms and industries. We also provide a variety of PR, Digital Marketing and consultancy services to help strengthen brand advocacy. These often form part of our overall project development package and help to address our clients’ most pressing needs. Whether you are a large corporation needing help with enterprise app development, an innovative startup with an idea to disrupt a market, or a demanding brand wishing to update your consumer application, we are ready to meet these needs and surpass your aspirations.
  • Mobile

    Native, hybrid and cross - platform mobile applications.

  • Web

    We design, develop and support all kinds of web-based systems.

  • Software

    We transform your daily operations into a faster and more cost effective process.

  • Strategy

    We help businesses explore the opportunities.

  • Marketing

    We also help in improving operational efficiency,

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Development Process

At Apptus Solutions we build lasting relationships with our clients. We bring mobile and web-based app ideas to life, working through each stage of development from concept to the final user experience. We are constantly refining our app development process and procedures to enable us to use the right technology and deliver you the best service we can.
  • Project Management - How We Work

    You can be confident that your development project is in safe hands. We efficiently organise and manage every aspect of your app build, from initial conversations and meetings, right through to the launch and promotion of your app.We work in an agile way and utilise easy-to-use project management software so that we can create tasks, assign responsibilities, track issues and monitor progress. Working in weekly (or monthly) sprints we develop, test and refine your app, while collaboratively engaging the client and encouraging their suggestions. 

    Unlike traditional sequential project management – which relies on one element being completed before the next can be started – being agile allows us to work on different areas of the project at the same time.

  • Consultancy | Research | Planning

    At Apptus Solutions we take pride in knowing that every client can find valuable partners and like-minded people who will share the vision of the product and make it a reality. We begin the app creation process by listening and discussing your business challenges at a free consultation meeting. This acts as a “brainstorming” forum where we can openly discuss your idea and target market, discuss how you think an app can help, and begin to define objectives clearly. We also consult on all aspects of mobile strategy, advising clients on how to execute efficiently and how to strategise the remainder of the development project.

  • Mockup | Wireframing | App Proposal

    Once we’ve established the app’s objectives and target audience we begin producing initial wireframes. They purposefully look like sketches or mock-ups to keep the focus on the functionality of the application, rather than the visuals and design. Each screen of the interface is annotated and delivered in a formal app proposal document for approval. These wireframes go on to serve as the overall blueprint for the application and make up the core body of the app proposal alongside overall project objectives, timelines and other development milestones.

  • User Experience (UX)

    Who is your customer? What do they expect of your experience? What is their journey? We work with you to help you answer these questions which in turn create effective design and development decisions. User experience is about ensuring an application is laid out intuitively accounting for device ergonomics, human interface guidelines and gestures. Put simply, user experience separates interactions and workflow from aesthetics and visuals.

  • Design | User Interface (UI)

    User interface design is arguably the most important design element when creating an application. Our app designers will analyse your target audience discussing where, when and how your app will be used to ensure that it looks visually appealing and delivers great usability. During the design stage we account for various display sizes, orientations and resolutions. We then create style boards to help establish the overall design language for the app. Once the style boards are approved we integrate these into the previously completed wireframes and marry these together to create the overall interface design.

    Another often overlooked element of design specifically is branding. Several of our clients have counterparts on the web or elsewhere and so we carry out background research to review any existing brand design standards. It is important to maintain visual parity and consistency across these mediums, while still respecting mobile patterns and paradigms.

  • Development

    Once the design architecture is complete, a list of development tasks are mapped out to allow us to provide timeline estimates and expose the key challenges of the project. Our app development professionals use cutting-edge technologies and modern development techniques whilst building your application.

    Our iterative development approach means that work is completed in weekly sprints to ensure progress is easily measured, to aid in further planning and to also encourage accountability. We then rinse and repeat until the app is ready for submission to the app stores.

  • Testing

    Testing is a recursive process and plays a vital role at each stage of the project. We test continuously throughout the development process using bespoke test-driven processes. Our teams also perform scripted and explanatory tests to identify any defects with the functionality or user interface. To ensure your application is tested in the real world we also utilise a community of software testers using well established methodologies.

  • Launch

    Whether your app is being developed for the general public or for the purpose of your business, our app consultants will work closely with you to understand your launch and deployment needs. If the application is for the general public we ensure that it meets the iOS, Android and Windows platform design and functionality guidelines. We also take responsibility for acquiring your mobile application developer licenses and pre-launch App Store Optimisation (ASO), while also helping you to formulate an app launch strategy covering everything from the technicalities of app downloads to the marketing tactics that will work best for your scenario. Similarly for enterprise specific applications we will manage all aspects of app deployment for your business.


In a constantly changing web and mobile application environment, we believe in providing our clients with the fundamental tools necessary to manage their application’s progress. After your application is released we want to continue to provide you with the ongoing support you need to help ensure your application is not only successful but also adaptable to the evolving mobile landscape, as well as being fit for purpose. The following sections outline these essential services.
Marketing & Analytics Optimisation